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About WPT

Working as patent examiners at the Swedish Patent Office in the 80's, Sven Fenger-Krog and Fredrik Erlandson realized the benefits of using modern computer technology for efficiently providing patent searches of premuim quality. The idea of an independent search company using the latest search tools began to take form. In 1990 they opened the gates to World Patent Technology WPT AB.

Since then WPT has delivered more than 4000 searches. The search tools we use and our methods of searching have changed over the years. The main idea though, have not changed - WPT offers search services within the patent business. We evaluate alternative solutions on a regular basis and use our experience to find the most cost effective way to capture information - without diminishing quality.

The first patent search at WPT was performed using patent information stored on CD-ROMs. At that time, when most searches still relied on manual paper based searching at patent offices, this was an advanced patent search tool.

Some years later, the time had come to bury the CD-changers and migrate to another method of searching - accessing patent databases using the Internet.Although databases provided easy access to all the necessary information, the work was sometimes wearisome. The available bandwidth where not particularly high, one was often able to read the result of a query faster that it was printed on the screen. Since then Mb/s has replaced kb/s.

Searching has also changed in that sense that more and more information has become searchable. Naturally the amount of information stored in commercial patent databases continuously grows, but thanks to the World Wide Web it has bocome easier to access other parts of the Internet, such as e.g. archives of technical report and theses held at universities worldwide.

Since a number of years back a substantial part of the patent information is searchable free of charge through a variety of services. Unfortunately, most of these services offers only limited set of search options. Except for the USPTO, offers full text searching of US patents and patent applications. Of course, the availability of free patent information has had impact on our work. Since we are not always forced to retrieve information from expensive patent databases, we have been able to maintain low prices.

No matter if you are professional searcher or use a regular search engine a few times a day, the quality of the available search tools have certainly improved over the last decade. Today even a novice websearcher may enter some keywords in a regular search engine and locate pages describing what he/she is looking for. Professional search tools have not been revolutionized to the same extent, but every now and then some features that simplified our work have been.

Why hire a patent search firm like WPT?

Considering the above notes on easy access to information sources, free patent information on the web and improved search tools one may question engaging a patent search firm like WPT.

The confident may consider doing the patent search oneself. For ease and comfort, others may consider letting a patent attorney do the search for them. This may not necessarily be a bad idea, however there are a few good reasons to hire us instead:

  1. We only do what we do best - search technical information.
  2. We are technologically qualified and experienced search experts.
  3. We have access to search tools and databases the individual person or a company may not have.
  4. We are independent of other companies in the patent business.
  5. We understand "patentese" and know the different patent classifaction systems.
  6. We use a small part of our time taking care of issues necessary to run a small company - the rest of the time we do what we do best - search information.