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Infringement Search

An infringement search aims at finding answer to the question whether an invention/product risk infringing patents.

One who's about to manufacture and sell a product should make himself aware of the risk of patent infringement. Companies that don't themself have the intent to apply for a patent often ignores this. The cost for this ignorance could be substantial.

An infringement search is much like a patent search. A difference is that the infringement search often is limited to a certain region or a particular country. Another difference is that the infringement search only considers granted and valid patents. The infringement search is therefore combined with an investigation of the patent status to check if, for some reason, a patent no longer is valid.

Our search tools cover documents published worldwide.

Scope and price of this type of search must be estiamted from case to case. Please contact us for an estimate.

Minimize the risk of being sued and save money.

Investing in development, manufacturing and marketing of a product just to be startled by a patent blocking the way is not good management of good idea.

By making yourself aware of the patents closest to your invention, you have a better opportunity to sidestep a patent and avoid infringing. This means less risk of being sued. If the search is performed at the right time, i.e. as early as possible, you are also able to save money.

How not to interpret an infringement search

Please note that the infringement search does not provide "immunity" from paying licensing fees or risk patent infringement suits. We present the patents claiming the closest technique and give our opinion upon the risk of infringement. We cannot foresee the actions of patentees. Further it is impossible for us to predict the verdict of patent litigation cases.