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Patent monitoring

Patent monitoring means regularly searching the patent literature.

Monitoring services can be conducted in multiple ways for multiple purposes. Some like to be able to spot potential competitors before the have any products on the market. Others want to stay updated on developments in a certain technical area. Sometimes montly reporting is appropriate - other times annual. Every client have their own needs and their own requirements. We can tailor our monitoring service to fit your's.

The result is sent in a format selected by the client - e-mail, CD-ROM or paper copies (first page or full documents).

Since the required aim, precision, periodicity and format of this type of subscription service varies, the price must be established from case to case. Please contact us for an estimate.

Common types of montoring services

Monitoring a technical area

A search strategy (patent classification codes and/or words) is elaborated in close contact with the client. This can recurrently be used on one or more patent databases and the outcome is reported to you, either "as is" or refined by us to better reflect your area of interest. The result can be presented as titles, abstracts, first pages or complete patent documents on CD, paper or by email. We recommend a retrospective novelty search as a starting point for this type of service.

Monitoring a competitor

We report all patent activity for one or plural given companies.

Monitoring patent status

We report all patent activity for a given patent family. This gives you an opportunity to act as soon as a patent been granted in any region. Provide us with a patent number, and we'll notify you as soon as there's a change of status.

Monitoring patent statistics

Patent statistics can answer important questions when making strategic decisions:

  • How many patent are our competitors filing per year in our area of interest?
  • Who has the most active patent portfolio?
  • Are they changing their focus?
  • Is there an upgoing trend of patent applications in our technical field?