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Patent Search

This type of search aims at finding answer to the question whether an invention is novel or not.

An early indication of novelty and the possibility to examine closely related prior art is valuable for those about to apply for a patent. By consulting the result of a patent search before filing the patent application, one may be able to formulate a patent claim that sidestep the prior art. We are able to make a preliminary assessment of patentability based on prior art disclosed by the search, provided that we have been furnished with written patent claims.

We offer patent searches in three levels: 1,2 and 3. Each search is presented in a detailed written search report.

Level 1 represents a basic novelty search. Our conscientiousness is that clients with a readily comprehensible inventive idea should be reasonably certain that patent documents challenging the novelty being retrieved.

Depending on the technical field and/or the complexity of the invention, a more thoroughly performed search may be required in order to derive a result of precision and certainty. Level 2 and Level 3 represent increasingly exhaustive searches. Consequently, the result of a higher level search is more reliable and therefore, in general, better suited to assess patentability. Please note, however, that the preliminary patentability assessment is a supplementary service.