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SE-11853 Stockholm
tel: +46 (0)8 663 55 10

Our email address is the short form of the word information (first 4 letters), the special sign, the 3 letters that forms the name of our company, dot, the country code for Sweden

Price list

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Our prices are set in Swedish Krona (SEK), but we also accept payment of the corresponding amount in Euro (EUR) or U.S. Dollars (USD). Since exchange rates and possible bank fees may vary we list the price in SEK only. The EUR and USD links below queries Google's in-built currency converter. VAT is added to deliveries within the EU.

Searches to assess novelty
Level 1 - minor search. 9000 SEK
Only suitable for readily comprehensible ideas.EUR USD
Includes search of patent literature.
Level 2 - normal search. 12000 SEK
Includes search of patent literature.EUR USD
(If suitable: Level 1 och non-patent literature)
Level 3 - major search.16000 SEK
Includes search of patent and non-patent literatureEUR USD
Preliminary Patentabilty Assessment*
Validity Search*
Infringement Search*
Patent Monitoring and Statistics*

* Please contact WPT for a price estimate.