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WPT + Uppdragshuset = TRUE!

WPT mergers with Uppdragshuset AB

World Patent Technology WPT AB has always worked towards the vision of being "Patent searchers. Nothing more - nothing less!". By merging with the competitor Uppdragshuset in April 2014, we have taken a further step towards that vision.

Together, WPT and Uppdragshuset will be able to offer an extended pool of competent colleagues and we are confident that our joint resources will be better equipped for meeting existing and future client demands.

Briefly about our services

World Patent Technology WPT AB is a search firm that provides various types of searches, technology mappings and monitoring services to patent attorneys, to inventors, and to the industry.

As former examiners and/or patent attorneys, we are familiar with matters and procedures relating to patent law and practice. We believe that one should strive to do only what one does best. We excel at searching and gleaning databases for technical information, notably in the patent field. Therefore, we offer no more than search services.

We are qualified to perform searches in most fields of engineering, including e.g. automotive, computer, electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical and software engineering. We do not accept search assignments on pure chemical or pharmaceutical inventions, but we accept e.g. a mechanical arrangement used in dispensing pharmaceuticals or a computerized method of controlling a chemical process.

Read more and decide if you can afford not to make use of our services.

Our patent search provides valuable information to those having thoughts about filing a patent application - in particular if the search is performed at an early stage. An early result gives one more time to develop a strategy for patenting. Should the search reveal that the invention is already patented - at least you have prevented unecesserary costs. Investing work and money in developing a device just to learn that someone else has claimed this particular device, is not the ideal day of an inventor. The fact that there are patents may not always mean the end - devices can be improved. Besides information upon novelty, the patent search can also provides information of similar soultions. Therefore, patent searches are useful as a stepping stone for further development.

The result of a patent search may also be used in other business situations. Consider companys that are seeking risk capital. Not seldom do they refer to a filed patent application and promising licensing opportunities. An incation of the possible outcome of the patent application ought to be valuable to the investor.

By monitoring a company's patent activity we assist clients in keeping a close watch on their competitors. By monitoring a particular technical field, we provide the right informtion to clients seeking to develop an overview of the latest technological advances.

Being aware of the risk of infringement is valuable - also for companies that don't have the intention to file a patent application or otherwise engage in the patent business. Our infringement search aims at finding possible risks of patent infringement. If the product one wants to sell is already patented in a certain country, establishing a sales organization and marketing the product there could mean wasted money, wasted time and wasted effort. Not to mention a lawsuit.

Having been sued by someone claiming the legal right to your product, starting a process for ivalidating his patent may prove a viable approach for winning the case. Our validity search aims at finding out whether a patent has been falsely granted. The validity search may help you to strenghten your position in situations concerning patent rights or licensing. Cases regarding such issues may endure for a long time, especially if one is ill prepared. As the negotiation moves forward in a slow pace, both time and costs are running. With the result of our validity search you are often able to strengthen your position of negotiation or sometimes even remove the best argument of your opponent.